Projects typically follow the following stages…

Initial enquiry & discussion

Individual pieces are usually delivered and left at the studio for assessment, in some cases it is possible to provide a quote immediately. All treatment options will be discussed and an outline of the methodology for the items treatment is considered.

Site visits can be arranged for larger collections and specialist assistance will be organised where necessary. The studio can carry out surveys of collections and tailor reports for grant funding applications giving detailed costs for proposed works if appropriate.

Collection & delivery

A collection and delivery service is available.

Treatment proposal & estimate

Once a treatment proposal has been agreed and a quote given for the work the studio will try to keep to that quoted figure. If they feel for any reason that it is impossible to give a quote then they will estimate the cost and keep the client informed of progress.

With recovery work, they often have to work immediately to prevent further deterioration of the material and it is essential to stabilise any prevent any further damage. This interim work is charged at the usual hourly rate and invoiced at a later date.


As conservation work progresses clients are informed of progress or any unforeseen problem that may reveal itself as the work is undertaken. Work can be carried out on site if a cleaning or a book-refurbishing programme is required.


Photographic records, documentation and final reports can be provided if required. A record of all work done is kept in the studio.

Charging policy

Hourly rate of £40 to £50 (prices in GBP exclusive of VAT).

Estimates are sometimes charged for with larger projects.

Additional charges are made for documentation and materials. All these costs would be outlined in the estimate. The studio strives to keep to a quoted price and would only increase costs for unforeseen circumstances and after a discussion with the client.

Security & insurance

The studio is fully insured and proof of insurance can be adapted or enhanced for specific projects. There is a Redcare Alarm system for fire or theft.

References available on request.

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